We would like to inform all those who have filed for a press pass that the requests will be evaluated individually, with the possibility of being rejected. You will receive an e-mail with the result of your request.

1. Personal data

*Upload your passport photo

2. Type of media and organisation

This section must be filled out in order to get an accreditation for the event. In case of freelance & photographer please indicate the media you will work for during this event.

Press Agency
Website / Blog
Daily Newspaper
Daily Sports Newspaper
Weekly Magazine
Monthly Magazine
Volleyball Magazine
Photographer (tick another box too)
TV Commentator
Radio Commentator
TV/Radio Technician
Free-Lance (tick another box too)

Please note:

Any accredited media person, planning to take a filming device to the event must clear the relevant rights with the sportsman media group: volleyball@thesportsman.de. This provision also applies to the use of filming devices in the mixed zone.

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